About Us

My name is Aubri Chacon and I am the owner of Greeked Out.  We are a small company based out of California.  Greeked Out was started in 2020 as a place to shop for the trendiest sorority apparel and accessories.  My goal is to get several different and unique designs listed weekly so you will always have something new. 

Not only do I have standard designs but I also do custom designs for special events such as bid day, fundraisers, big/little reveals and any other event that you and your crew may need matching apparel to represent.  Please message me if you are in need of a custom design.

If at any given point you may need to reach me you can call, text or email.

Phone number: 661.852.8038
Email: outtacontroldesigns@hotmail.com

Happy shopping and we hope to provide you with the best experience possible!